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New Video: The Otherworldly Photography of Paul Michael Kane [19 Aug 2009|09:51pm]

Wanna see some cool dark and creepy photography?

I've just produced a new video that focuses on award-winning photographer Paul Michael Kane's contributions to the current deck of Konxari Cards. Many of you already know Paul, as he's been the designer and webmaster of MattBusch.com for ten years. Our roots run deep, having worked on a myriad of projects together, including the Style D one sheet movie poster for STAR WARS: Revenge of the Sith.

In this video, you'll see some of Paul's extraordinary work that led him to be the official Konxari photographer. You also hear some of the stories behind the eerie images, and get a taste of how Kane creates such breath-taking and evocative photos.

Konxari: The Otherworldly Photography of Paul Michael Kane

Be sure to keep up with all of Paul's amazing photography at PaulMichaelKane.com.

You can find out more about Konxari Cards at Konxari.com.
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Konxari Cards. What do you think? [02 Aug 2009|01:06pm]

So I posted here a while back, but I think I came across the wrong way. I'm not looking to sell anything, just your feedback.

What's the consensus? A card divination process that combines tarot cards with a ouija board? For Ghost Hunting?

Can these cards really deliver messages from those on the other side??
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How to Perform a Konxari Reading! [10 Jun 2009|06:03pm]

Wanna contact the dead?

No, seriously. I've just produced a new video that shows how to use Konxari Cards to communicate with those on the other side. This may sound complicated, but this user-friendly video will show you all you need to know in less than 5 minutes!

The video below will have you solving your poltergeist problems in no time flat. Whether you're eager to ghost hunt, or contact a loved one long-gone, here you'll learn the simple steps to utilize the Konxari, quick and easy.

For more information, or where to order your own deck of Konxari Cards, visit www.konxari.com!
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Halloween Community [17 Sep 2005|10:02am]

[ mood | okay ]

Hey, everyone! It's that time of the year again, and I just thought some of you may enjoy sharing your Halloween obsessions. Assuming you have one, of course : )


This is Halloween! Everybody SCREAM!!

Join all_hallows!

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Strangewire [29 Apr 2005|04:44pm]


Hey, just wanted to let you guys know about Strangewire.com, a blog for all things paranormal, supernatural, and the like from legitimate news sources. Unlike the type of sites and columns that deal in "wacky news"-style articles about goofy work mishaps and amusing medical malpractice, Strangewire attempts to deal with phenomena that are part of a bigger question, from strange lights in the sky in the south-west US, to a man with claims of a haunting in Australia, from zombies and voodoo practice in Haiti to global government conspiracies. Fox Mulder's favorite blog, in other words. Recent articles include headlines such as "FLESH CHUNKS IN IOWA WATER LINES" and "NEW JAPANESE GHOST DETECTOR FOR SALE."

Check out Strangwire.com, or just add the livejournal feed here to your friends list.

Nick, SW
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[19 Apr 2005|11:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Lorain County OhioCollapse )

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[08 Feb 2005|06:52pm]

hello, I'd like to know if anyone here knows of interesting goul-related activities in New York city- haunted buildings etc.
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Horror Decor [15 Dec 2004|10:53pm]

Does your home sweet home look like a place where every ghoul and goblin would come to party? If so then join the new Horror_DecorHorror_Decorand show us your spooky style.

Show off your posters, toys, creations, clothes, furniture, and decorations. Think of it as Creepy Eye For The Dead Guy

Apologizes to any mods who don’t appreciate advertisement. Delete if thought unnecessary. Never meant any disrespect

X Posted
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[30 Nov 2004|07:50pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

HI there!

Yeah I found your community and I thought "Holy shit this is so cool". I'm Kari, and I've been weird all my life!! :P I'm a freelance tarot card reader and i've been doing it for quite a number of years now. I couldn't give you a name for what i do, but i have plenty of stories to share!!!!!! My entire family is into the paranormal. My mother has every ability under the sun and has taught me and my brothers a lot. Currently i am living in a house thats over 103 years old, and we have had a few odd occurences. Keep in mind that its two doors down from a house that my family has vowed never to set foot in again. In the next few weeks my family, and Jana (shinyboots), as you may have met her already ^_^ will be holding a seance to find out a little bit about this house.

I'll keep y'all posted!!

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Hey all...

Hope this is allowed (since it may be of interest to some of you). If not, I apologize in advance to the mod!

Anyway, I have a vintage (and very "well working"...) Ouija board for sale on Ebay, so thought I'd pass on the link:


My Dear Anne / Poetry For Price [06 Nov 2004|02:38am]

[ mood | scared ]

My Dear Anne

She sits in front of me, She moans and complains, She nags way too often, Ooh she cranks my chains! One day she was moody, “You’re so pathetic” she said, I looked back at her and replied, “I wish you were dead.” She makes me so mad, Why can’t she behave? She’s been a pain for too long! It’s time I dig her a grave. Gone will be my wife, The one I would do anything for, A woman who I loved, The one I use to adore. It really is quite simple, You see I just need a plan, I need to sit and think, How to kill my dear Anne. And now she must vanish, She must leave never to annoy, I think I will stretch her limb from limb! How lovely, something I think I will truly enjoy. No, no that just won’t do, I need something a little easier to acquire, Ah yes how simple, what was I thinking? I shall set her on fire! No, no, that wont work, Again that’s going to far, She’ll go up in flames, And my ceiling will scar. That’s it! I know what to do! I think I will poison her, She won’t have a clue! I will make her dinner, I will poor her wine, Then I’ll drop it in, And then we shall dine. So I made a toast, And I raised my glass, I smiled at her unsuspecting face, Knowing soon she would pass. And when she’s good and gone, I will cry and then I will weep, She will be buried in my walls, That is where she will sleep. I finished my toast, Grinned and I drank from my cup, She finished her wine quick, Never to wake up. She looked very unpleasant, And her head wobbled around, She dropped her cup, And she mumbled a sound. She looked up and moaned, “My dear Victor I feel so drawn, suddenly I’m so ill and faint.” And then she was gone. My dear she is dead, What a relief, I feel so much better Yet so little grief. I got up to dispose of her, but thought that would be rude. First I shall sit here And finish my food. The smell of the my dinner, so pleasant and sweet. My tongue tingled and watered at the very thought of the meat. I picked up my fork, I ate all from plate. I finished it quickly, So I could burry my mate. My turkey was bitter, It tasted like pine, I felt so dizzy, I knocked over my wine. I can’t believe it, I didn’t have a clue! I should have known, Known she wanted me dead too. So there we slept In our dining room to decay Touché my dear Anne, Touché.

My Dear friends, I invite you to come look at my new community called Poetry For Price. If you are a fan of all things macabre, come look at some work or post your own. It was created in memory of the late Vincent Price and Edgar ALlan Poe.

Take a look and enjoy!


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great stuff [01 Oct 2004|01:26pm]
I lurk, excuse me for that. Thought I’d pipe in and let you guys know about this. I read this blog about a guy who’s supposedly a New York private detective, and he writes about his daily cases more or less as they happen. Not sure if its real or not, but it’s pretty cool. Anyway, the latest case is about all these strange occurrences at a hotel that guests think have to do with ghosts. Check it out if you want: http://privatedick.blogspot.com
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Hello. [25 Aug 2004|06:13pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I am new on livejournal... all alone and looking for friends. Is anyone here intersted in talking to me?

- No-one in particular.

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[06 Aug 2004|02:30pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hey, My name is Luci...I'm new:)
I just had a couple of questions about the supernatural
1. Demonic possession: What are your opinions on it? I have friends who are really intrested and educated in the supernatural and in wicca who belive that demonic possession is bullshit, But I believe that is is real. Of course not everyone who claims to be possessed by some entiity is and I don't think that just because you have a seizure who are possessed by a demon. I think that it's a rare occurance, but it does happen. I would love to hear some other opinions on it.

2. Telekinesis: Are you born with it or is something that you have to learn and work on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

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Shadow People [11 Jul 2004|10:31am]

[ mood | curious ]

I just joined today. I've been a very supernatural type of person all my life. I was introduced to divination, spirits and ghosts at a very young age by my mother. She's always nurtured supernatural abilities in me. I read tarot cards, I'm learning to read runes, I participate in weekly "discussions" with a group of my friends who are interested in the same thing. We work toward goals and expanding our awareness of what is around us and so forth. Anyways, the reason that I joined is because I've recently begun seeing "things" around my neighbourhood and I want to know if others have had similar experiences.

I read a post about someone wanting to write a book about experiences with Shadow People. I'm not quite sure what a shadow person is or maybe I do know what they are and just refer to them as something different.

I'm pretty sure that I have seen these things around before. My experience first started about a year ago when my boyfriend and I were walking back to my house. It was around 1:00 or 2:00am and we were walking by two buildings and in between these two buildings is a field with some scattered brush and tress in it. As I was walking, I saw something dart in between this field (it's a BIG field). It was so fast that I only caught a glimpse of it but it was about 7.5 to 8 ft tall and quite lanky. It didn't cast a shadow and it had no real distinguishable features that I could see. It was just a black figure. I didn't feel threatened by it because obviously, if it's running away from me, it's more afraid of me than I am of it. The point is that after this first sighting, I saw these things more and more frequently and there is definately more than one. They're all the same height, I've never seen one that is average height and once again, they're entirely black. Recently, I've begun to see them performing other actions aside from running. A few days ago, I saw one climbing a building kind of like spiderman. I know I wasn't hallucinating because I was fixated on this thing for at least 10 - 15 seconds and it was just kind of hanging out there.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Anyone seen anything like this before? I'm just really curious as to what these things are.

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Hello! [14 Jun 2004|09:11pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


I just joined this group and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Christy and I am very interested in the paranormal. I believe that there is life after death and that we walk among spirits every day. I like to research and try to explain the unexplained. I do this because its that which we cannot explain that excites me and furthers my belief and argument that there is life after death. I hope to get to know all of you and have great discussions about the paranormal and learn a few things together.

Christy N.
Director ICPIR



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ooooh! [09 Jun 2004|10:08am]
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[07 Jun 2004|03:13pm]
Ghostbusters called into theatre

A team of ghostbusters has been brought in to tackle a suspected haunting at a County Durham theatre.
So-called psychic investigators are studying reports of ghostly goings on at Darlington's Civic Theatre.

Staff have reported strange sounds and shadowy figures roaming the 96-year-old venue.

A small team of investigators from Yorkshire spent a night at the theatre and is preparing a full report for the venue's council owners.

It is thought the "ghost" is that of the theatre's first managing director Signor Rino Pepi.

Digital imaging

He was in charge of the theatre for 20 years, after it opened as the New Hippodrome and Palace of Varieties in September 1907.

He was originally a quick-change artist and impersonator and died in 1927.

The theatre's current duty manager Peter Tate said: "We think he's just keeping an eye on things.

"There isn't any malevolence involved."

A spokesman for Yorkshire Psychic Investigators said digital imaging equipment and specialist sound recording equipment was used during a vigil at the theatre on 4 June.

He said some "eerie elements" were picked up and a full report would be compiled for the theatre, which is owned by Darlington Borough Council.

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[23 Apr 2004|10:40am]

I'm very sorry for the cross posting on this.

I am thinking about writing a book about the phenomenon known as "shadow people". I would like to include quite a few eye witness accounts as well as personal experiences with this phenomenon. I would like credible sources therefor I would prefer to receive non anonymous sources (of course should I ever publish names will not be printed). If you've had true experiences with this phenomenon please email me at dark_masque@spook-e-mail.zzn.com, and let me know your story as well as a little about yourself, I would also prefer people who wouldn't mind me emailing them back with further questions and of course you don't have to share anything that you don't want to.
If you don't know much about shadow people email me and I can give you a brief summary of the little that is known. This is a subject that interests me greatly and it hasn't had very much research done on it to this point. Also feel free to share my email address and request in any forums where people may be interested in sharing their stories. Thanks.
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Peculiar family papers [20 Apr 2004|10:41pm]

As the family genealogist, I recently inherited a large number of papers that had belonged to my great grandfather. He had a habit of scribbling things on anything he could find (usually timesheet books from the company he worked for). I've been told that he was a very mean man, but that he really believed in the supernatural. I uncovered three or so notes similar to this one (with different dates in different books) among the notes he had jotted down. I can't explain why, but every time I look at this, chills run down my spine. Does anyone else feel this way when they look at it?

Click here to view the note

The note says "1930 April the 12 day while we was eating a woman walked past throw the room.". I have erased some genealogical information that was off to the side that had nothing to do with the entry.

Cross Posted to Ghostly Advice, Ghosts and Ghouls, and Hauntings.
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