Stormy (ex_maybesome270) wrote in ghostsngouls,

I'm very sorry for the cross posting on this.

I am thinking about writing a book about the phenomenon known as "shadow people". I would like to include quite a few eye witness accounts as well as personal experiences with this phenomenon. I would like credible sources therefor I would prefer to receive non anonymous sources (of course should I ever publish names will not be printed). If you've had true experiences with this phenomenon please email me at, and let me know your story as well as a little about yourself, I would also prefer people who wouldn't mind me emailing them back with further questions and of course you don't have to share anything that you don't want to.
If you don't know much about shadow people email me and I can give you a brief summary of the little that is known. This is a subject that interests me greatly and it hasn't had very much research done on it to this point. Also feel free to share my email address and request in any forums where people may be interested in sharing their stories. Thanks.
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