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Fireflies in June

Peculiar family papers

As the family genealogist, I recently inherited a large number of papers that had belonged to my great grandfather. He had a habit of scribbling things on anything he could find (usually timesheet books from the company he worked for). I've been told that he was a very mean man, but that he really believed in the supernatural. I uncovered three or so notes similar to this one (with different dates in different books) among the notes he had jotted down. I can't explain why, but every time I look at this, chills run down my spine. Does anyone else feel this way when they look at it?

Click here to view the note

The note says "1930 April the 12 day while we was eating a woman walked past throw the room.". I have erased some genealogical information that was off to the side that had nothing to do with the entry.

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